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Our tantric massage is an intimate, sensual massage derived from the teachings of tantra that allows the user to attain peace, tranquility and sublime pleasure. A tantric massage relaxes the body and allows the mind to drift into its own into subliminal bliss. An authentic tantric massage is designed to provide the mind with the rest it needs, the body with any healing it requires and the soul with the energy it needs.

The benefits of the tantric massage include reduced tension and stress, the release of built up emotions, better blood flow, lower blood pressure, mental healing and better ejaculation control. The Tantric massage itself is a mind-blowing and ecstatic experience which entices the mind and elevates the senses. Once in a state of ecstasy from the massage, it sends your emotions on an emotional and spiritual journey you will never forget.

A Tantric massage consists of many peaks and highs along its journey, and will never be over as soon as you think. The build up and teasing is all part of the massage and absolutely essential. Indeed, tantra elevates your arousal to a higher state than an ordinary orgasm, giving whole body pleasure and release.

A Tantric massage must be experienced to be fully understood. If you wish to be truly relaxed and be one with the universe, then a tantric massage is the perfect way to achieve this. As one of the leading and highest trained practitioners of tantric massage in London, we are excellently placed to provide the ultimate massage in central London and Bayswater W2.