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Nuru Massage is a sort of Japanese Massage, performed between two naked individuals with a special Nuru Massage Gel;. After the Massage starts, the masseuse pours liberal measures of the gel everywhere over your body. The masseuse slides her slender body over yours, which kneads muscles and relieves strain. Often, both participants switch the roles of masseuse and recipient to make the session truly intriguing and exciting! The feeling of the warn massage gel is exciting and makes both bodies feel even more enchanting. The expression nuru originates from the Japanese language, which implies "slippery".

You will end up free from all stresses, strains and frustrating thoughts as you relax in the company of your superb Goddess thriving in immense delight that has turned into one of the specialities of our massage service in London.

The mystery behind the crazy joy and variety of this back rub is the liberal utilization of an unique unscented and vapid gel a product of tan ocean growth. The Nuru gel is warmed to a pleasant temperature and connected to imposing regions of the collection of the individual accepting the back rub, as well as the masseuse too. In the same way that power proliferates all the more rapidly through a fluid medium, material stimulation is additionally upgraded and increased by the lands of this dangerous gel. Accomplishing the most stretched out zone of physical contact between members is the key to augmenting the impact of the gel. ​