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These techniques are ideal for both male and female recipients, as they work on common zones between the male and female bodies. The massage should begin in a neutral zone, perhaps the shoulder blades or back.

I personally like to begin with the shoulders, however feet or arms are also very enjoyable. Use the palm of your hands to caress the muscles. Don't use your thumbs while kneading the shoulders. This is common mistake that beginners make - the palm is much more effective.

The palm and the other four fingers apart from the thumb are great for taking the anxiety away. Run your thumbs along the spinal section ensuring you cover the entire length from lowest part to neck. The movement of the two thumbs could be in sync or you can do a rotating motion, for an enhancement. This will unwind muscles along the spine. This tip is amazingly effective for unwinding and setting the temperament as there are many nerves in this zone. For greater effect you can utilize your elbows.

Make sure you utilize more than enough massage/ baby oil, as your thumbs and elbows need to glide faultlessly on the skin. On the upper part of the legs, on the average person, there is an indent in the muscle. Do a light circular motion, utilizing your palms, or the heel of the palm on these spots. This is a very sensual spot, expanding the sexual excitement of the individual being massaged. Rubbing the buttocks is extremely erotic in any case, however this is optional depending on your tastes.

Perform a medium force rub on the back utilizing again plenty of massage oil. The pace ought to be extremely thorough as you want to ensure every last bit gets enough attention. The palms need to be level on the back beginning from the bottom, moving up to the shoulders. Ensure that you cover the entire back. 

At Erotic Massage in London we have studied the art of massage for many years. Above are just some of the basic principles for an exciting massage, but the enjoyment of course depends on the skill, talent and experience of our beautiful massage girls.